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10x ruleI am currently rereading Grant Cardone’s fantastic and thought provoking book The 10X Rule – The Only Difference Between Success and Failure and have decided to apply these concepts to blogging for your business. In this book Cardone defines ‘the 10X Rule’ as a two part process, where the first part involves assessing the level of effort necessary to realize a goal and the second part being to adjust your thinking so that you dare to dream at levels previously unimaginable.

Because I firmly and wholeheartedly believe blogging to be an integral part of success as an online entrepreneur, let’s take a closer look at exactly how the 10K Rule applies.

The fatal mistake I observe all too many bloggers make is that they are not focusing on their area of specialization. If your blog’s topics and categories are all over the map and readers are never quite sure what to expect from you, then it’s probably not worth their time to stay subscribed or to ever visit your site again after their initial visit.

Think about this: There is something you know so well that if you were to write interesting and helpful posts about it on a regular and consistent basis you would attract a very specific readership and you’d become viewed as an expert in that field. And that is exactly what you want – a specific group of readers interested in what you’ve got to say on your topic.

What do you know better than anything else? What can you write about day in and day out, or at least week in and week out? When you figure out the same answer for both questions, blog about that for at least the next six months and see what happens.

Remember and believe that your audience is waiting for you. They need you to share your knowledge and understanding and experiences with them. Teach them what you know and believe. So even though it’s normal when you start blogging that you want to attract as many readers as possible, the mistake is believing that writing about any and every topic will help build your readership.

Grant Cardone would recommend that you apply the 10X Rule to your blogging by having the pure domination mentality, where you think ten times the thoughts and take ten times the actions of what others bloggers do on a regular basis.

Having a small group of niche readers follow your blog can become a very large group fast. If even one percent of people in the world are interested in what you have to say that would be seven million people! The more you narrow down your niche topic you’ll increase your ability even further to attract the right people to your blog. By being more specific it helps your readers make a choice by letting them know what’s in it for them.

Make a huge effort to stay focused, write regularly, and be open to building your business and growing it exponentially, in accordance with the 10X Rule.

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  1. Yvonne A Jones

    Thank you, Connie. It’s so easy for those of us who are in the Internet Marketing niche to have diverse topics that we want to educate our readers on when they come to our website, that we could lose focus on what we want to be known for.

    My focus is on Customer Relationship Marketing so I like to write about topics that will help my readers build strong relationships with their clients and customers so they keep them and build customer loyalty. While the topics are varied, my goal is to help them use various tools to build those relationships. Your post above is a good reminder to keep the focus narrow.

    I purchased the book about two years ago when you recommended it in the Productivity Challenge and it was very informative. Thanks again. :)

  2. Carol Farbe

    My favorite quote of that book is this,

    “Success doesn’t just happen to you, it happens because of the actions you take.”

    And other thoughts i highlighted were,

    1. how to turn average into exceptional, p. 53.

    2. the best way to dominate is to. . ., p78 (don’t want to give it away)

    I read the book last year. It may be time to read it again. It’s a good read.

  3. Al Bargen

    Thanks for the tip. This book sounds like something I could certainly benefit from, so I will get it. And your post in itself has made me think about my last 10 posts… perhaps they could have used a bit more focus. Thanks for the synopsis.


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