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Announcement: Huge Profits Tiny List with Connie Ragen Green

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Tweet Subscribe To Connie’s Podcast Series Making huge profits with a small list is possible! My name is Connie Ragen Green, and I’ve been making a full time living online since 2006. I have successfully built a five figure a month income with a very small list. In fact, I was earning six figures a year long before I had …

Mark Thompson Digital Kickstart

Podcast: Mark Thompson Digital Kickstart

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Tweet This week I interviewed online marketer Mark Thompson, Digital Kickstart CEO and all around great person to know if you are building an online business as a new entrepreneur. He is originally from New York and now lives in North Carolina. After studying business management in college he accepted a job as a marketing assistant with a technology company, …

Press Release Format

Press Releases For Your Online Business

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Tweet Press Releases: Format Matters I’ve been sending press releases since 2007 and they have been instrumental in helping me to build my online business. First, let’s discuss what a press release is and what it’s intended to do for you and for your business. A press release is a document that announces newsworthy information about a business to members …

John S Rhodes

Podcast: John S Rhodes – Philosophy of Marketing

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Tweet John S. Rhodes is an expert in the philosophy of marketing. I had the opportunity to discuss this with him recently and know you will enjoy our conversation immensely. In the photograph on the left, John and I  are in Las Vegas for a conference. After working with him in various aspects of the business he ran with Jay …


Entrepreneurship: Owning Your Future

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Tweet Entrepreneurship: Owning Your Future The idea of entrepreneurship, owning your own future in the purest way, is best learned from an early age. It is my firm belief that teaching young people about business and entrepreneurship is crucial to their success in later life, no matter which path they choose to follow in the future. I started babysitting and …

podcasting for entrepreneurs

Online Marketing Strategy: Podcasting for Entrepreneurs

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Tweet Podcasting for Entrepreneurs You may remember the Adventures of Superman from TV when you were a kid. It always started with the narrator saying: “Look! Up in the sky! It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s Superman!” That’s exactly what I think of each time I try to explain to someone what my podcast really is. It’s a blog …

Sell eBooks Online

Online Marketing Strategy: Sell eBooks Online

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Tweet Sell eBooks Online Have you ever thought about how you could sell eBooks online as a lucrative business strategy? An eBook is simply a book in electronic format. You may be more familiar with books on Kindle being electronic, but that is actually a different method for delivering information written as a book to your computer, smart phone, or …

Shelley Hitz

Podcast: Shelley Hitz – Author, Self-Publisher, and More

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Tweet Shelley Hitz is an award winning author, self-publisher, online marketer, and most important of all, an extremely nice person. Publishing more than thirty books in various formats since 2008, Shelley also helps other authors succeed in writing and publishing their own writing. She has also been involved in a ministry with her husband since 1998. When I first met …

Advanced Networking Tips

Advanced Networking Techniques

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Tweet Advanced Networking Techniques   Whatever types of groups you choose to take part in, it is important that you know what you’re going to do with any particular organization before you even start. Networking properly can explode your business, but networking poorly can be a waste of time – or worse, give you a bad reputation. To be an …

Networking Tips

Networking Tips: How to Network Successfully

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Tweet Networking Tips: How To Network Successfully Remember that simply going to a networking event and handing out business cards to every single person there won’t really work. You want to stand back at first and figure out who are the movers and shakers within the networking group, and then work your way into the inner circle of the group …