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OutsourcingOutsourcing saved my sanity and has helped me to quintuple my online income over the past few years. I know this is a powerful statement, and it’s completely true. Allow me to share some details with you.

When I started my business in 2006 I thought I had to do everything myself. My excuse at that time was that I was not yet earning any money and could not possibly afford to pay others to help me. Within a couple of months I realized that my tech skills were lacking and that I would need to get some help to set up my sites. WordPress was much more technical at that time and writing HTML code was not something I wanted to learn.

I had met a woman through a course I was taking who was a web designer and we agreed to barter our services. She would set up some sites for me and in return I would write some articles for her and help her with marketing. If was a perfect solution to both of our problems and this continued for a couple of years before we both went off in other directions.

By this time I was becoming better known, speaking at and hosting my own live events, and doing lots of writing in the form of articles, short reports, eBooks, and online courses. I soon found myself spending hours each day with clerical tasks, such as submitting articles to the directories and spending time with social media setup. I had come to a crossroads in my business and had to make a choice; was I going to try to do it all and risk burning myself out or was I willing to pay someone else to help me with the tasks that were eating up so much of my time?

Finding someone to submit articles for me was easier than I thought. I found someone who had lost his job and needed to earn some money quickly to pay his bills and feed his family. We agreed that I would pay him two dollars for each article, and to do no more than ten each week. Twenty dollars a week was definitely in my budget and I could easily check to see that he was doing it the way I would do it. That’s always an issue when you begin to outsource, and rest assured that many people accomplish these tasks in a way that is superior to the way you would do it. I love it when others make me look better by implementing tactics that work so well. This man did so well that I quickly recommended him to my students and others.

This discussion reminds me of a story you may have heard:

A boy and his father were out in the woods. When they came across a very large tree branch the boy asked, “Do you think I could move that branch?”

His father answered, “If you use all your strength, I’m sure you can.”

So the boy tried mightily to lift, pull and push the branch but he couldn’t move it. Discouraged he said, “Dad, you were wrong. I can’t do it.”

His dad said, “Try again.” This time, as the boy struggled with the branch his father joined him and together they pushed the branch aside.

“Son,” the father said, “the first time you didn’t use all your strength. You didn’t ask me to help.”

Asking for help was very difficult for me, as it might be for you. It’s also an issue of giving up control. I would encourage you to start out slowly and see what happens.

Just like when there are dishes in the sink or clothes in the hamper, it’s difficult to concentrate on your business when you have lots of little issues pending. Why not hire someone to tie up all of your loose ends so that you’ll be freed up to do what you do best.

Once I stopped wearing all the hats in my online business my income began to soar. By not having to think about the little things, I was immediately able to focus on the bigger things that earned me income. I began to create more products, write books, host my own live events, speaking at other people’s events, creating content for membership sites, and working privately with high-level students. After eighteen months of outsourcing I was earning five times as much as I did before I began having help!

This is an outsourcing guide that will get you started in the right direction. I highly recommend Dennis Becker and his training, especially in this area.


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  1. Cathy Yerges

    Thanks for sharing your example. As an entrepreneur it is so difficult to figure out when is the right time to outsource. We typically think we should do it all to save money. Your example proves otherwise.

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  3. Carol Farbe

    I can relate to what you are saying, Connie. But I am the type that likes to hold on to everything.

    I must admit that it’s hard to let go of some things. I guess that’s my motherly instant kicking in saying that I’m a super woman and I can do it all- when in reality, I’m not. Life happens and things get in the way. I guess it’s like an addict who doesn’t want to let go.

    Like the Pink Panther Movie says, “everyday and in every way, I’m getting better and better.” Now, I am letting go more and more.

    Thanks for the tips!

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    Connie Ragen Green

    Great points, Carol. But even the best Moms outsource their children’s education, health care, and clothing. We CAN let go and still be outstanding.
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  5. George Nieves

    Brilliant post! I agree totally.
    I tried to do it all in the beginning, as most of us did.
    I soon learned that “no man is an island.”
    My favorite saying now is, ‘when in doubt, outsource!”

    George Nieves

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  7. Donna Kim-Brand

    You had me on your opening line: Sanity and profits!

    Watching you grow step by exponential step the last few years has been so gratifying, and now that I’m ready to ‘fly’ I shall be paying closer attention to your sage advice. Outsourcing is a GREAT place to start, and if it can free me of most of the tech details to focus on my content expertise, I will be both grateful and exhilerated! Thanks Connie.

  8. Susan Velez

    I agree, I still do a lot of my online business tasks by myself. However, it seems like there is never enough time in the day. I just started outsourcing article writing for a product that I am working on. It is nice knowing that I don’t have to work on that particular product and things are still getting done for it. I would love to get the point where I am outsourcing more. I will eventually.

  9. Sheri Kaye Hoff

    Great point about the article submission- I am meeting with someone tomorrow to have them take care of it:) yay- something off my plate.

  10. Mary

    I think people are reluctant to begin outsourcing due to fears about budget or giving up control; but once you do it and enjoy the freedom you gain by delegating others to take over the minutiae so you can concentrate on the tasks that truly matter — that’s EMPOWERING! :)
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    Connie Ragen Green

    Mary – I wanted to share your site on social media, but there is no reference to your last name anywhere on your site. Also, I’d recommend having an optin on your site, as opposed to only using a pop up. This will help you to build a list more easily.
    Connie Ragen Green recently posted..Outsourcing – Free Up Your TimeMy Profile

  12. Kit Rosato

    What an inspiration! Increasing your income so dramatically in 18 months by outsourcing is spurring me on. I find it difficult to ask for help when I don’t feel I know enough to ask specifically for what I need. But I do!! I am just putting up a roadblock.

    I have 10 outsourcing credits I will set up tomorrow for my business and on the personal side I will hire someone to come in and do a heavy cleaning at least once a month to start. Our family cut back in so many ways during the last few years but I am ready for the change. Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face! You opened my eyes at your Weekend Marketer event at how I already outsource things such as getting my hair done or pedicures, so what was holding me back from outsourcing some of the tedious tasks in my business. Control and fear.

    Thanks Connie!
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