The Internet Lifestyle Requires Massive Action

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internet lifestyleThe Internet lifestyle is an awesome way of life. My last book is called Living the Internet Lifestyle because it has changed my life completely. But it may not be what you think. It refers to our ability to do something we enjoy from anywhere in the world, and being able to choose your own hours. It represents a freedom in our lives few people get to experience until they retire.

Leveraging the power of the Internet includes taking advantage of improved automation tools that allow us to enjoy our day to day lives while our businesses hum along smoothly in the background. My clients and students are on six continents and in more than fifteen countries around the world.

While I was working as a classroom teacher and also in real estate I had no time of my own to speak of, bosses that treated me terribly at times, and very little time or money to travel, spend time with family and friends, and little opportunity to be involved with charities and volunteering. I now have both active and passive streams of income in which to live the life I choose.

But getting all of this in place takes time, planning, and massive action. I’ve never seen anyone make significant progress towards an online business without massive action. The people who lead you to believe you can create the Internet lifestyle for yourself without doing the work and laying the foundation are not being honest with you.

These days I spend about fifteen hours a week actually working in my business, but that was not the case during my first year online. When you’re starting out, it takes even greater action to gain momentum.  When someone tells me they envy my lifestyle I always remind them that my life today is a result of the hard work, effort, and massive action I took in the beginning.

Those who are successful make a commitment to doing so. They turn off the television, stop going out with friends, and give up sleeping in on the weekend. They save money by not going out to restaurants and skipping their yearly vacation. If your family is supportive and believes in what you are working to build, they will understand this completely. If not, then it’s your job to convince them.

The sacrifice is worth it because the reward is so great for your future. You can accomplish a lot more with a year of focused, intense, massive effort than you will with three years of start and stop attempts. My favorite saying is:

‘Do for a year what other won’t, live the rest of your life the way others can’t.’

So, just how badly do you want to live the Internet Lifestyle? How much is your freedom worth?

If it’s valuable enough, you’ll do what it takes.  And it all begins with taking massive action.


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  1. Al Bargen

    I really loved reading this post Connie. I first embarked on the path of the internet marketer believing the promise that I could hide in my basement and be earning more money than I thought possible within 2 months. Boy how my perspective has changed. I also love what you write about “doing in one year… ” I have re-started my one year a few times, and with your help, I’ll complete that year!

    I have no excuses. I do have an amazing and supporting family. Thanks for posts like this, and I am already looking forward to your Vegas event in October.

  2. Steve

    Thanks for the great reminder Connie! Starting any type of business takes work, especially to get the business off the ground. My “year of massive action” started on March 15 and is gaining momentum. I have a strong business plan with clear action steps and will be taking another huge step tomorrow! Thanks for all of your support.
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